You should be careful with an automobile because it is an expensive investment. At times, it may be necessary to bring your vehicle to Holbrook check engine light service due to many problems.

There are many kinds of automotive problems, and you need to know which ones are emergencies.

What are the Signs that Denote Your Car Needs an Auto Repair Session?

If you notice any of these problems, it’s time to take it to a repair right away:

  1. Noises while the car is idling

One of the red flags you should be aware of is an automobile that makes a lot of noise when idling. While there are several potential causes, engine issues are typically at the root of a car’s audible idling noises.

When there’s a problem with your engine—the part responsible for propelling your vehicle—you can hear strange noises or perhaps lose power.

It’s best to have an expert take a look because fixing anything that sounds strange while your car is idling could be costly or time-consuming.

  1. Shaking in your steering wheel

An indication of a worn-out tie rod or ball joint stud could be a trembling steering wheel. If the ball joint stud is loose, the steering wheel will tremble when navigating corners or over rough roads.

Shaking can also be caused by a worn tie rod end, resulting from the wheels constantly moving up and down uneven roads.

Because of the damage to your tyres, you can also notice trembling in your steering wheel. Get in touch with Holbrook CEL testing & diagnosis immediately; this problem requires immediate attention.

  1. Squeaking brake pads

You can only have a proper braking system with brake pads. If you want to keep your brakes in good working order, you should regularly inspect the pads for wear and replace them when they get too thin. Otherwise, you should probably get new brakes if you see any of these additional symptoms:

  • A pulsing pedal that becomes worse with each press (produced by air bubbles in hydraulic fluid)
  • Grinding noises emanating from your brakes
  • An excessive amount of vibration in your steering wheel when braking
  • Squeaking sounds while driving down the road
  • Brake components corroded or rusted

To get the worn-out pads replaced, take your car in for a brake inspection if you notice any of these symptoms.

Inquire with your mechanic about the best practices for inspecting and maintaining your brakes, such as changing the fluid regularly.

  1. The engine compartment emits an unfamiliar odour

You should get your car fixed if you notice an odd odour emanating from the engine. You should contact your vehicle checked out immediately if you detect this odour; otherwise, the condition will worsen, and more significant repairs will be required than if you brought it in sooner.

Never overlook a terrible smell from your car; doing so could lead to disastrous outcomes. Severe odours almost always indicate that something is very wrong with your vehicle.


Maintaining your vehicles is an absolute must. It is possible to prevent many vehicle problems promptly by getting them to the repair shop. An issue’s severity and potential financial impact are directly proportional to how long you allow it to fester before addressing it.