If you own a motorcycle, going on road trips might be one of your pastime activities. After all, road trips are always fun and exciting. However, having a bike is not just about riding it to your heart’s content. As a motorcycle owner, you should also know how to maintain your bike correctly for your safety and the other motorists. Moreover, a properly maintained motorcycle can also contribute to protecting the environment. 

In comparison with cars, motorcycles are easier to maintain. They have fewer parts, meaning there are fewer components to take care of. Furthermore, doing DIY is also easier with motorcycles than cars. 

The engine, fuel pump, fuel injectors, spark plugs, and air filters are some of the most important internal components you must regularly maintain. But apart from these, you also have to take care of your bike’s exterior parts, such as the motorcycle engine guard.

Engine guards are also known as crash bars. This motorcycle part acts as a barrier between your bike and the ground in case it drops to avoid severe damage. While no motorcycle owner would purposely and carelessly drop their bikes on the ground, it can still happen. Thus, installing an engine guard can be a wise decision.

Despite being heavier than its other kinds, the SW motech crash bars are some of the most sought-after engine guards. The engine guard is only 4.4 KG in weight but has additional heavy-duty mounting hardware and sub-frames that make it heavier, making its weight a total of 8 KG.

Although many bike owners don’t like the heavy and bulky nature of the SW-Motech crash bar, it is built this way for a reason. Aside from protecting your engine, the SW-Motech 790 Adv engine guards protect your motorcycle’s most critical and expensive parts, like the exhaust header pipe and catalytic converter.

This article by Motorrad will provide more information about the SW-Motech KTM790 Adventure Engine Guard.