Forklift truck attachments can vastly increase with your forklift truck, permitting you greater versatility inside your materials handling ability. The type of attachments available are : : numerous and selecting the correct one is determined by the intended use, however there’s a few general details to think about, to make certain you can perform needed job safely and without creating any pricey mistakes.

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  • Make certain that size and capacity within the forklift truck is suitable to handle weight inside the needed attachment.
  • Fitting any forklift truck by permitting an attachment will DE-RATE your machine, reducing its overall lifting capacity while using weight inside the attachment to be used. Hence to make certain your forklift remains within its parameters to enhance your better load safely you need to reference the attachment plate for that needed information.
  • When choosing or hire your attachment you will need to actually just stipulate carriage size. A category 2 carriage attachment will just fit a forklift truck acquiring a category 2 carriage, carriage classes on forklift trucks are often based on machine capacity, which is determined the next:

a few.5 tonnes: CLASS 2 CARRIAGE

3 or 4.5 tonnes: CLASS 3 CARRIAGE

Over 4.5 tonnes: CLASS 4 CARRIAGE


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NB: The above mentioned pointed out stated mentioned should participate a tenet only, that’s recommended the factor is professional advice if you are doubtful.

  • Decision concerning consideration is load center. Normally, this is often 500/600mm of forklift trucks however jib or pole attachments may vary this, and therefore decrease lifting capacity. Hence this factor should also be regarded when calculating the resulting lift capacity within the forklift truck regarding the needed attachment.

In summary forklift truck attachments are the ideal choice if you are searching to develop with your machine while growing productivity. You need to find out about a couple of within the tips outlined above so that you can pick the correct attachment, while making certain the forklift truck still maintains enough simplicity of use safely for that needed job.