Vintage bikes are always in trend as the old models are graceful and reflect the history of the era thus promoting priceless feelings. Hence, shipping a vintage bike needs lots of consideration as the owner would like to protect their old vehicle from any negative elements.  

There are many vehicle transporters in the USA cities owning five-star ratings as they provide the best-secured services to all kinds of vehicles. Ship a Car, Inc. is one of the best providing transport services for many decades. You can visit website of theirs to gain more details about their never to fail transport services. You don’t have to worry about safe shipping of your vintage bike, once you hire their services anytime. 

Hints to do safe shipping of your vintage motorcycle:

  • Never just hire a transporter who is ready to ship your vehicle at a lower price compared to others. They may not be capable to protect your vehicle from getting damaged and there can be other transporting issues to face while the shipping is in process. 
  • Always hire a well-established transporting company even if they charge a little higher than the rest of the transporters. It is because they would be using advanced transporting equipment that guarantees safety and fast transportation. 
  • Opt for the enclosed container for your vintage bike as it won’t allow outer elements to spoil your vehicle. It may be more expensive than the rest of the options but fully worth every penny. 
  • You need to ensure that your vehicle is fully ready to be transported safely. 

Steps to prepare your vehicle for safe shipping: 

  • You need to remove all the added accessories like the side back, hard shell cases and even the front guard. 
  • It is best to drain the fuel so that there are negligible chances of combustion. 
  • It is better to remove the battery or you can unplug it. 
  • Firstly, wash the bike and then take close snaps of it. That helps to understand whether your bike is damaged after delivery of it. 

The cost of shipping your bike depends upon multiple factors:

  • Weight and size of the bike. 
  • Distance of transportation. 
  • Location as shipping to small towns cost more than transporting to cities. 
  • Time of booking as haste booking chargers are more. 
  • Time of the year as in holiday season and in hazardous weather the rate of transportation is more. 
  • The special facilities opted like pick and drop facility, enclosed container. 

Many try to ride the vintage bike themselves to save cost of hiring transportation. According to experienced transporters it is a trouble to ride such longer distances and it is sure to damage your bike. Your bike wear and tear would prove expensive as it needs to be repaired as soon as you reach the destination. Secondly, there are chances of your vintage bike break down on road that is sure to make you feel helpless when there is no experienced technician to make it right. 

To save all troubles it is beneficial to hire the services provided by popular vehicle transporter for shipping your vintage motorbike.