Mobile car repair is a convenient service that is difficult. Plus, mobile mechanics provide a wide range of services. In fact, they can do everything car shops and dealerships can do. And they can it all in your driveway. The following are some of the common Toronto Mobile Mechanic auto service in Scarborough that mechanics provide:

Basic Maintenance

Cars usually need maintenance services like filter replacement and basic oil changes. Changing a car’s oil keeps the engine running smoothly. When this is not done regularly, your car can experience further issues.

It is not necessary to know what is under the hood to stay on top of car maintenance. Every vehicle has a maintenance schedule that can be found in the owner’s manual. Mobile mechanics eliminates the stress associated with maintaining your car and helps ensure your car avoids premature wear and tear. 

Engine Tune-Up

 This type of service involves inspecting the engine of your car to make sure it’s working optimally. Typically, the inspection includes the fuel injection, emission systems, and ignition of the car. Also, it may include inspecting the seatbelts, wiring, hoses, and belts. A mobile mechanic has the tools necessary to carry out an engine tune-up to enhance fuel economy and efficiency.


Tyres impact the steering, stopping ability, and suspension of your car. Worn-out tyres cause your car to have less grip. When you drive the car on wet winter roads, these worn tyres increase the chances of hydroplaning or sliding in the rain. 

When it comes to car tyres, tread depth indicates wear and tear. Tyres need to have enough tread, so your car can have effective contact with the road. Generally, tyres must be replaced once they reach a tread depth of 2/32” during regular road conditions, 5/32” in snowy conditions, and 4/32” on wet roads. In addition, tread wear must be even and tyres need to be free from bulges, cracks, and scratches. If you think your tyres are worn, have a mobile mechanic go to your place and check the tyres for excessive wear.

Spark Plugs

After the compression of the fuel/air mixture inside your car’s engine cylinders, the spark plug will ignite it. With the sparks, a small explosion is caused, offering the engine the necessary energy to propel the vehicle forward. 

Spark plug ignition can cause erosion of the plug. Over time, your car can sustain poor gas mileage, engine misfires, and sluggish acceleration when the spark plug fails to function properly. A mobile mechanic can check the spark plugs’ condition and replace them when necessary.